Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching up Turkey style

I know, I'm way late posting these pictures but I had to put them in before I caught up with the rest of the year. My "Hopping Rabbit" and his Thanksgiving day program was throat-achingly sweet. He sang his little heart out and had no problem with me being in the front row snapping pictures while he fiddled with his painted rigatoni necklace. The little girl in the pictures with him is Ella "Running Cat" who claims that Ethan is her boyfriend. Of course, she's the sweetest and her mom is fantastic, but, well...maybe we can wait a few more turkey hokey pokeys before she steals him away.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 233rd Birthday Marine Corps!!

Yes-we were the most beautiful couple there that night, in case you were wondering.
Matt really enjoyed the freedom that the "matador" Major's uniform gave him. It was his first occasion to wear it and he was discovering things all night. "The pants feel different." "Is it 'cumber bun catches crumbs?" "I have a pocket on the inside!" Good-now you can hold your own keys and give me back my purse!
Me and Missy. We made that dress look good! We did some alterations to the previous style.
My neighbor and good friend Elaine. Superman came on and she literally dragged me to the dance floor. Much to her chagrin, I do not know the Superman up to her New York standards and we were forced to vacate the lighted stage. Worse still, I could not seem to perform the Electric Slide nor any other over-used party appropriate dance. I blame it on my beautiful silk hem that kept catching on my equally stunning be-jeweled strappy velvet heels. Alas, the price we have to pay for wearing self-altered clothing. There will be another ball. I'll catch the next tutorial on YouTube. I hear that Soulja Boy 'cranks dat' with his original version. I'm so there!
Matt was in charge of buying flowers for the guest speaker's wife flowers. He was to present them to her after his speech. Sooo...on the day of the ball I'm talking to the florist on the phone while watching Ethan freeze his bottom off on the playground . I tell her that it needs to be appropriate for a General's wife and it is for the Marine Corps birthday. I say they will be presented to her and placed in her arms. She was not happy about having only 6 hours to put together what is apparently referred to as a "wrap" in the elite florist world, but agrees to do it and charges my credit card $38 right then and there before she'll even start. When I get home I relay my conversation to Matt whom immediately calls the florist back and reiterates the occasion and the need for the flowers to be appropriate. Ok. We're good. They'll be ready at 3:30. We have to leave for the ball at 5:30. No problem. Matt comes home from picking up the flowers at 4:00pm and I'm ready to be relieved of babysitting duty. "Uh, honey?" I look up at Matt holding what appears to be a small bunch of day-old daisies and carnations from the Wal-Mart. "Are you sure these will be OK to give to the General's wife?" I take in his pathetic helpless expression and snatch his keys. "I'll fix it," I say jumping in the car. Leaving him and the boys in a trail of blowing leaves I immediately dial my one and only: girl that is. Jackie assures me that YES roses are the thing to have NOT daisies. Giant Food is my destination and wow did they ever save Matt's face. The florist there whips us up a mean dozen roses with all the trimmings wrapped with a yellow and red ribbon for a good happy birthday for half the cost and in only 5 minutes! I gave her a big hug to show her how much I appreciated it. Back at home at 4:40 with just 45 minutes to get ready. That's what a real Marine wife is all about. Matt let me hold the flowers and pretend I was the recipient. I'm looking at the cast-offs right now on my dining room table. One word Matty: Birthday.