Friday, September 9, 2011

100 Degrees and One Year Later

I had their birthdays all set to blog because it's been a year since I last posted pictures but the blackout trumped their height, weight, emotional and physical triumphs of the last year. It was crazy! We were reliving Hurricane Dennis. Yes, Dennis. It was in between Ivan and Katrina by a year and a month or so, but traumatic for us because it hit Milton, FL hard and we were without power for a few days and I was 8 months pregnant with Ethan. We had to evacuate then when we came back I slept in the back yard in a tent where air circulation was non-existent.

So back our current power outage. We found out just how unprepared we really were. Here are Mason and Ethan with our collection of candles all lit up. Yep all O, 2, 3 both forward and backward, and mistletoe scented of them. They're past those ages anyway. I did have the sense and know-how to whip up a pot of chili on the grill earlier in the day "just in case." Little did I know.
Our generator needed servicing from the last move so it wouldn't start. I guess a 6-year hiatus will do that to an engine. The power came back on at 2:35am and I know this because the blaring television told me so, bolting me out of bed and rocketing me through the house to turn them off before the boys woke up. Too late. Mason sat up, drowned in the untimely light and shouted "What in the world!" then proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep, his exclamation unanswered. The blackout is answered though, finally. It was employee error. From Arizona to LA to Tijuana! Wow. Glad I'm not that guy.