Friday, February 6, 2009

Made with glitter and signed like a pro

Ethan was so proud of his valentine cards. I try to stay out of the way of their creativity and let the boys take over the glue and glitter instead of me directing. The results really are fun and I love to look at them later and remember when they created it. Ethan's project for school was to make valentines for his 11 classmates and put HIS name on them since they're learning how to write their own names. He was doing such a great job. He finds Es, Ts, H's in everything. Not necessarily in the order of his name, but hey...however he needs to get there.

Holy Influenza!

Had to put this one in here. So classic and it says how we feel. I had it first and was such a nice mommy I shared with everyone around me. The body aches, chills, fever, cough, headache... Matt won't let me live down the visit to the ER for fluids. I think we're done for the year cross your fingers).