Saturday, June 14, 2008

Showtimes Every Hour: Feedings at Noon and 5:00pm Don't Miss It!

The Baldwin Boys themselves, Mason and Ethan
Picture taken at the 11:00 showing. Ethan was throwing in various plastic sea life then jumping in after them after which he proceeded to circle the see-through tank over and over again.
Yes, who needs the Barrier Reef when you can have the backyard inflatable Rainbow Pool?
Mason gearing up for the big dive of the day.
Ethan and his Scooby Doo goggles is ready to go boogie boarding in the bathtub-sized area pool.

Ahhhhh......all my stress melts away when I watch them play with such abandon. Granted, it's not the large pool in the backyard we'd like to have in Florida but then again we won't be in FL but for another two weeks so hey... they're happy.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Cirque du soleil hiring?

Jackie has been packing like a crazy woman so I've been having Emma and Reece come over and play to get them out of her hair. We invested in a large inflatable waterslide for the boys' birthday last year and it has proven to be quite an investment. It is awesome to just go out and set the blower up and let it go. The kids have a blast and it keeps them cool for a while in our now 93 degree heat. They were finding all sorts of ways to go down the slide and their bodies were contorting into positions that only the little Chinese men in Cirque du soleil can do. It was really fun to see them just cut loose and scream and laugh for no kidding about 2 1/2 hours! I guess I need to go set that slide up for me now. I wonder if I set a big fat margarita at the end of it and just took a deep swallow every time I reached the bottom if all the stress would come off. Maybe that will be by next entry: Wheee! Uggggh! The straw just jammed up my nose. Never mind. I'll come up with a better way to relax.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Woman's Junk Another Boy's Entertainment

Mason and Ethan found these cups under the sink while I was getting some supplies out. They are from various bars we've been to when Matt and I have gotten inebriated and thought it would be funny to get the light-up souvenir glasses for our beer. Walking around like a couple of goobs with strobe lights coming from our beer glass...what a great idea! The boys thought so. They kept turning off the lights in the house and projecting the strobes onto the walls and they even went so far as to think of doing it to music! They turned on our stereo in our bedroom and started dancing and raving in the hallway. Pretty funny! I had to crop the pictures since this party was just after bath time and they weren't in jammies yet. They were absolutely mesmerized and used them for the next week. We're having to do a lot of cleaning and purging with our upcoming move and after 3 years a lot of accumulation has occurred. I am by no means a pack rat and looking under the beds and in closets I'm getting an awful itch. I can't stand to see things I don't use anymore but I also can't stand to throw away something I'm sure I'll use at some point. Take my Ab Roller for instance. Where on earth would I get such a crazy idea to purchase (yes, actually pay money) a blue pad on rollers where you have a very high possibility of injuring yourself just getting on the thing before you even start any sort of self-improvement. Once you've made yourself as uncomfortable as possible, legs supposedly planted firmly on the ground in order to push your weight back with, but more likely they're flailing in the air like an overturned turtle, you can then begin yelling for the Icy/Hot to the nearest person. I'm completely at a loss as to where your arms go at this point because there's no way there's room in the tiny spaces they've provided for you. So I'm listing it on Craig's List for some other stay-at-home mom in dire need of entertainment or just a cheap chiropractic visit.