Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Memorable Memorial Day

Matt took the boys to Washington D.C. for the day on Sunday and was greeted by one surprise after another. Their monthly trips to the city have become "guy time" and Mason and Ethan really look forward to it. Ethan actually tells me "Just Daddy, Etan and Mason. No Mommies allowed." Fair enough. When they exited the subway, there were wall-to-wall motorcycles, otherwise known as Rolling Thunder, occupying all the streets of downtown D.C. Matt said you couldn't even cross the street there were so many. They ended up having to walk from Arlington cemetary to the Library of Congress which is about 3 miles. Are you with me here? Apparently these "guy trips" include conditioning for a half-marathon for little people. Mason has been complaining of sore legs for 2 days now. He can't quite pinpoint the pain so I don't know whether to give him a heat pack, ice pack or a tube of Ben Gay. They did have a blast though and at least they stopped by a couple of museums and grabbed a Rocket pop along the way.

Thank you Nana & Papa Baldwin for the t-shirts from Hawaii!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When you don't know the words...fake it!..Or at least invite Mommy

Today was Ethan's last day of preschool and so they prepared a singing program for the occasion. This was a cute moment for his because he is usually very shy and doesn't "perform" well for others. I was lucky today and got a treat. He was so cute and hilarious and I can't wait for all the other programs he will do in the future. Maybe he'll join the Glee club...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're back!

And we're taking the place by storm. Had to post this video of Mason at his very first school dance. I'm thinking I should teach him some moves before the second dance rolls around...

I have also promised some postings of my Q & U cake from the Q & U wedding at Mason's school. Look out Food Network!