Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ET Sleep Eating

Here it is. The promised sleep-eating video. Let's hope it turns out.

I love this photo of the boys. It just about sums up how we all felt at the end of the trip. This is at the beginning of the 8-hour car ride home. It was over whether we would watch the Incredibles or Cars. I'm glad I don't have the pressure of making such difficult decisions anymore.

The Happiest Place on Earth

We had so much fun at Disney this time round. Ethan knew who all the characters were and Mason was tall enough to go on some decent rides (his favorite was Splash Mountain). We visited the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and then Sea World on top of all that. We saw Buzz Lightyear and Woody (along with a couple of Army men that escaped from the bucket. They kept throwing grenades at Woody and Buzz. Very funny encounter and it made the time in line really fly). We got to participate in Woody's Round-up Cowboy Camp and see Bullseye and Jesse. We saw the Little Einsteins, Mr. Incredible, Darth Vader, etc. It was just so awesome to see the boys' faces when they saw these characters. We were there for 6 days and could have easily stayed a couple more to get the rest of the stuff in, if only my nerves weren't so shot. Don't get me wrong, we had the time of our lives, but the first 2 days were me in the room with a migraine while Matt took the boys to Sea World and Ethan skipping naps is not an entirely pleasant experience. A whole week of skipping naps is...well, let's just say we were glad to be home and in our own beds and on our own time schedules again. I'm posting a video of one of the only naps ET took. We actually caught it on tape--he sleep-eats:) so sad, so funny!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

On your mark, get set, GO!

Ahhhh, who doesn't love the smell of chocolate at the crack of dawn? Apparently Ethan REALLY loves the smell and the taste. He had those eggs cracked and the goodies eaten (some partially still wrapped) in no time flat. Mason took his time. We tried the yarn trick my mom used to do for us as kids. She would tie a piece of yarn to our basket and then wind it all around the house and we had to follow it. It was a blast as far as I can remember, but the boys were frustrated and kept getting tied up in it. Sooo, maybe just a trail of grass next year... ET screamed his high pitched girly scream for all the neighbors to hear and push redial for the CDC on their phones when we took the rest of his chocolate away. I swear you'd think we were torturing him. The night before I was trying to devise a sanitary way to put breakfast sausage and eggs into the plastic eggs but Matt's sour face said "No way!"

Later in the day our good friends, the Pecks, came up from their vacation spot in Destin for some lunch and the big Easter Egg Hunt. The Parrish family came and so did the Archambaults. It was so much fun getting together with everyone and having the kids go crazy seeing each other after so long. We see the Pecks now a couple times a year or so since they moved to SC 2 years ago. We love them!! The egg hunt was awesome! We hid some 250 eggs or so amongst 9 kids. They hit the jackpot! Jackie made a lovely lamb cake ( we all thought it looked like a dog with laser eyes) but the coconut made it look better, more like a poodle. Ruby's chocolate chickens are awesome for breakfast (for Mommy-not the kids) with coffee. I have to put a side-note here and just say that my husband is awesome. He cleans, he takes care of the kids like nobody can and he loves me! Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

No Nobel Peace Prize

I am here. Waiting for something profound to come to me and yet after some weeks, I am still waiting. So without further procrastination, excuses nor material for the Nobel Peace Prize I am starting my blog. I, probably like a lot of us, said, "Blog schmog!" when the blog craze began. I am not one for fads or gimmicks. I like constancy. Being a private person, the idea of publishing my thoughts and opinions for all the see on the Internet didn't interest me. However, after visiting some friends' sites I was inspired and have altered my staunch first impression and decided to give a little. My hope is that this will also help me keep in touch with my ever-growing list of friends and family in faraway places. We all know I'm becoming increasingly worse at correspondence.